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BioNet™ Information              

The most revolutionary advancement in air purification today!

This Item Has Been Discontinued


EGF (Enhanced Germicidal Filtration)TM Technology was developed as part of research focused on the issue of clean room technology. The EGFTM Technology applies a high energy field within a sealed filter compartment to inactivate microorganisms, thereby killing them permanently.

The BioNet Air PurifierTM is so effective that as air passes through the patented EGFTM germ killing zone the first time, 99+% of viruses and 94-100% other microorganisms are reduced. The Bio-Net Air Purifier with patented EGFTM technology is unique, and is laboratory tested and listed by the FDA as a Class II Medical Device.

Air filters that use HEPA and Ultraviolet (UV) are not as effective as the Germ Killing ability of the BioNet Air PurifierTM. HEPA only air filters that claim 0.1 - 0.3 micron particle capture can not kill and may not trap all viruses. Additionally, UV may not be strong enough to inactivate many other germs and/or the germs may become shielded behind dirt particles and not killed. With the BioNet Air PurifierTM you can be assured you are breathing the safest air possible.


Main EGFTM Filter has 4x the particle holding capacity as similar sized HEPA. Dual pre-filters are cleanable/reversible plus four pounds of Carbon/Zeolite for chemical & gas reduction.

Main EGFTM Filter Monitoring Light - Monitors the filter and alerts when EGFTM filter needs service. Bio-Monitoring Light - to assure germicidal field is operating at optimum efficiency.



27 1/4" H x 15 1/4" W x 16 1/4" D
Decibel Levels
LOW: 46 MED: 52 HIGH: 58
3 Speed motor control
LOW: 75 CFM MED: 135 CFM HIGH: 200 CFM
CFM Output
550 cubic feet per minute blower capacity without filters.
Optimal Coverage Area for maximum germ killing efficiency is approximately 750 sq. ft.
System efficiency for particles
99.99% at 0.3 microns
Energy Consumption
120 volt - 160 Hz, all components UL certified
Cabinet Construction
High impact non outgassing ABS
Four Castors - for easy gliding.
Two handle grips for easy movement



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